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Transport Working Group

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The Transport Working Group is responsible for the development, implementation and review of the University’s Transport Strategy.


The proposed organisational arrangements are as follows:

  • The working group is chaired by the Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee.
  • The working group reports to the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee (ESSC). Projects which require additional approval; such as car parking management or Universal bus improvements, will be reported directly to other Committees as required.
  • The secretary of the working group will be provided by the Environment and Energy section.
  • The working group meets at least four times per year.
  • The unconfirmed minutes of the meetings will be circulated to the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee and the Ecological Advisory Panel.
  • Each nominated representative will serve for a period of three years. There is no limit to how many terms a member may serve.
  • The working group can, if it deems appropriate, create limited life sub-groups to support the development and implementation of the Transport Strategy.
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