Image for #CarbonDiet - The card game about the climate impact of our diets!

#CarbonDiet - The card game about the climate impact of our diets!

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Carbon Diet is a card game aimed to promote awareness of the carbon footprint associated with our daily diets which represents about 25-30% of the world greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore crucial for this sector to significantly decrease its global footprint. In addition to the producer-level changes (e.g. more sustainable farming), changes in our habits can have considerable effects. These can include limiting consumption of products of animal origin or eating seasonal products.

Unfortunately, being an eco-responsible consumer is not always easy and there are often more questions than answers. Is organic meat actually good for the environment? What’s the difference between mangos shipped by boat or by plane? To help answer these types of questions and enable consumers to make more informed choices, we developed Carbon Diet, a fun card game with an educational value on the climate impact of our diets. During the game, players try to assemble a diet from randomly picked food items with the overall goal of the lowest environmental impact. However, each item comes with a price – the carbon footprint associated with its production, transport etc. The footprint can be lowered or increased by action cards exchanged between players (attack and defence), whereas special event cards drawn at the beginning of each round represent the disastrous impact of climate events on the food industry.

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