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Cambridge SU is the representative body for all students at the University of Cambridge and its constituent Colleges; it is a registered charity within the Cambridge community that exists to represent, campaign for, and support students at the University. When you enrol on a course here, you are automatically made a member of Cambridge SU - welcome!

We exist to fight for, advocate and represent the interests and needs of all students at Cambridge University. Cambridge SU provide's high-quality tools, skills, strategies, knowledge, and development opportunities for students to shape their education and experiences. We are proactive in building student communities and developing effective relationships.

We’re led by elected student officers (Sabbs) who are part of our growing team to deliver positive change for current and future generations of Cambridge students. As a student-led organisation, we're focused on matters that affect your student experience and encourage all members to input into our work through Student CouncilForums or the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to name a few examples.

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