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Bursar's Sustainability sub-committee (University of Cambridge)

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The purposes of the Sustainability Sub-Committee are:
a. to advise the Bursars’ Committee and Colleges more generally on matters relating to national, local
and University environmental and wider sustainability policies, strategies and resulting operational
b. to monitor and review the implications of, take appropriate action and make recommendations as required concerning the following matters relating to Colleges:
a. The environment and its sustainability
b. Recycling and waste management
c. Energy conservation and consumption monitoring
d. Emissions measurement and targeting strategies
c. to consider any other matters referred to it by the Bursars’ Committee or the Bursars’ Business
Committee, or from the University’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee.


Most recently the Bursar's Sustainability Subcommittee have commissioned the Colleges sustainability report which can be viewed here. 

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