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Banking Engagement Forum (BEF)

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The BEF’s purpose is to share information, co-ordinate, explore and discuss matters relevant to the banking arrangements for the Collegiate University and associated institutions with the intention of using the combined influence to drive more rapid actions to address systemic risks. The BEF assesses the banks with which the Collegiate University has a relationship (as a current or potential provider
of services) against an agreed-upon set of sustainability criteria (with a focus on fossil fuel lending and underwriting) and explores the Collegiate University's ability to encourage the banks to change practices to align with a credible, low-risk 1.5C pathway. The BEF provides the opportunity for co-ordinated approaches to these engagements. The BEF may provide advice to the relevant institutions but it is always for the relevant institution to decide what, if any, action to take as a consequence. Every 12 months, the Forum will conduct an annual review of its activities for the previous year, consider its proposed activities for the following year and determine whether the work of the Forum is likely to be sufficiently valuable for it to continue operating. Delegated responsibilities and authority
The BEF has no delegated authority. Its progress will be reported periodically to both the Finance Committee and the Environmental Sustainability Strategy Committee and to the Bursars’ Committee. 
The BEF will consist of representatives from:
● The University
● Cambridge University Press & Assessment
● The Colleges
● Associated institutions
● The student body
Other relevant members may be co-opted, for instance from Anglia Ruskin University. The BEF’s Chair will be the Chief Financial Officer of the University. 

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